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If you are interested in booking me for a workshop, here are descriptions of my offerings.

Yoga for Your Cycle: A workshop for women

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Photo by Lucas Pezeta

Today we, as a culture many of us are more disconnected to our natural cycles than ever. As women, we have the power and tools to be the leaders in living in accordance to our natural ebbs and flows of energy, productivity, and creativity. This workshop will allow us to talk about the skills we can use to regulate our own cycles so our months can be influenced by joy, grace, and reflection.

Yoga for your cycle is a workshop for women, part discussion, part asana to talk about the importance of gaining knowledge around our menstrual and monthly cycles and how this impacts our work and personal lives and how to use yoga to be more in tune with and honor these cycles.

Restorative Journey with Live Acoustic Guitar

black acoustic guitar
Photo by Lovely Ram

Restorative yoga is a vital practice that uses the support of props to align the body in deeply relaxing poses. Poses are designed to soothe the nervous system, allowing for increased circulation to the organs and organ systems promoting increased concentration, mental clarity, digestion, and the decrease of blood pressure, muscle tension and fatigue. This experience pairs a supportive restorative practice with the guidance of acoustic guitar to guide students through a journey to find a sense of ease in whatever they are navigating. Join us for a relaxing experience and feel the affects for yourself.

Red Tent Restorative Gathering

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Red Tent events are making a resurgence all over the world to revive the places that women once shared stories and Earth knowledge with each other.

A Red Tent is a safe and supportive gathering of women to share, express, and reflect with acceptance. This workshop is best experienced around the New Moon, when we are most in need of support and rest. We will open discussion with each other, learn grounding practices to carry us through the next month, and will conclude with a restful and nourishing restorative yoga practice. Open to women and girls of any age.